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Art Classes in Los Angeles

LAAFA’s art classes in Los Angeles (Van Nuys) offers anatomy, digital, drawing, painting, sculpting and entertainment art taught by talented professional gallery and industry entertainment artists.  In addition to our quarterly art classes, we hold art events to include; artist’s demonstrations, lectures, and art workshops.  LAAFA was selected as one of the Top 10 Best Art Schools in the World by the respected art publication, American Artist magazine. Here is a sample our art classes:

Portrait Drawing –  Students will learn the steps and techniques of drawing a portrait from life. Through multiple live demonstrations as well as one on one critiques, students will be taught the principles of proportion, form, tonal relationships, and how to capture the character of the subject.

Long Pose Figure Drawing – Instruction will consist of comprehensive class demos from the model, along with anatomical breakdowns showing how the muscular and skeletal systems interact. Lectures will cover materials, gesture, proportion, shape, construction, anatomy and rendering. Students will have ample time to explore the beauty and intricacies of the human form.

Introduction to Head/Figure Drawing – This class will guide students through the complex subject of the human figure by utilizing concepts to help simplify and facilitate an understanding of the subject. Topics include gesture, proportion, basic anatomy, structure, value, and basic foreshortening.

Figure Construction – Construction is a critical part of drawing; knowing the body thoroughly gives the draftsman the authority to draw the figure from life or from imagination with equal ease. This class will teach students to build the figure from the inside out, using simple volumes to understand the figure three dimensionally.

Portraiture and Figure Painting –  From classical to contemporary painting,  students will focus on painting the portrait from life.  Each of our instructors will teach their own approaches of painting which can include; alla prima, chiaroscuro, block in, gouache and using a limited to a full color palette.

Sculpting – The goal of quick sculpt class is to increase the student’s ability to work with proportion, gesture, mass and movement.  The goal of long pose sculpting is teaching students to accurately represent the complexities of the human form.  The class will stress the synthesis of anatomical knowledge and observation.  Armature building, proportional systems, and tool-making will be covered.

Color Theory – Students receive a comprehensive foundation on fundamental interactions of color and how we perceive them and how light affects color and defines form.  This class will offer theory expressed in practical applications designed to help students both see and experience color theories as functional aspects of image-making, directly from the lighting set-up. This closes the gap between theory and application.

Ecorché/3D Anatomy – An ecorché/3D anatomy model is a centuries old method of learning anatomy through three dimensional means. The word ecorché is French for flayed body and refers to human or animal anatomy by which you can see the interplay between the skeleton, tendons, ligaments and the muscles that create what we see on the living form. It is an essential means for every figurative artist to better interpret though knowledge what he sees.

Character Design –  This class will use the live model as a basis for introducing students to the concepts of character design. Topics will include proportion, shape, gesture, and costume with an emphasis on how these elements tell the story of the character.

Figure Quick Sketch –  In this class, we will focus on energetic quick poses, drawing from both nude and costumed models. Using a simple, organized process, students will learn how to indicate the figure quickly and elegantly. Demos will cover gesture, proportion, construction, simple anatomy, quick tonal work and strategies for working efficiently. Poses will range from 2 to 20 minutes.

Please refer to our current online art class schedule here.