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Indoor Landscape Painting (From Photo Reference) | Rodolfo Rivademar

Students will work from sketches and notes taken on location and also work from old masters paintings (studying their techniques). Photographs can also be employed preferably if the student experienced it. Photos will never be as sophisticated as the student's eye so instructor will guide students in tonal as well as color temperature aspects.

Learn to “draw” with your brush. Working wet on wet to increase the fluidity of the paint. Defining the overall atmosphere for each landscape; thus setting the tonal key as well as mood for each landscape. Systematic use of hatching and crosshatching to define interacting patterns within the painting. Great emphasis on methodology and philosophy behind painting.

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Product Description

Supply List

Flat bristle brushes #2, 4, 6, 10, 12.
Round sable brush #1 for fine details.
Odorless turpentine or mineral spirits.
Damar varnish.
Paper towel roll.(Viva brand)
Palette knife for mixing colors.
Plastic bags for disposal of paper towel.
Titanium white.
Ivory black.
Permanent Rose or Thalo Rose.
Alizarin crimson.
Cadmium red light.
Cadmium yellow medium.
Cadmium yellow lemon.
Ultramarine blue.
Burnt umber.
Burnt Sienna.
Yellow ochre.
Panels or canvases, size 9″x12, 12″x16″ or 16″x20″.
Bring several in case you paint fast.
Also, you can bring more elongated panels.(more in the spirit of a landscape)
Sketchbook, pencils “F’or “HB” and erasers.

Instructor Bio

Rodolfo Rivademar was born in Argentina in 1957. His childhood was steeped in an artistic environment that fostered his early development in drawing and painting.

Maturing in this tradition, he gained his first “Best of Show” award at the age of 10 with a watercolor of the Cathedral of San isidro of Buenos Aires.

Despite this early approbation in fine art, when of age he entered into a technical field. Architecture would prove to further enhance his artistic abilities, and through courses in drafting and sculpture with notable Argentine instructors such a Rivero Rodrigo, Carlos Terribili and Estela Pereda, his first love of fine art surfaced with new meaning.

Coming to the United States, he sought to further pursue this interest with studies in watercolor and oil painting under the tutelage of notable instructor Michael Daniel.

To date Rodolfo Rivademar has taken part in over sixty exhibitions, including many one-man shows, and has been the recipient of several prestigious awards. His paintings form part of many collections both here and abroad, and have been reproduced in Southwest Art Magazine, American Art Review, Art and Antiques Magazine, as well as in numerous catalogs. His work has also been pictured in the Los Angeles Times, The Daily Breeze, Orange County Register, ArtTalk and many other publications.

Rodolfo Rivademar is a charter artist member of the California Art Club. To further study the artist traveled to Europe 1995; assimilating the knowledge of the old masters.

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