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BFA and Atelier Certificate Programs (4 quarters per year – Includes the quarterly $100 Registration Fee).  Scholarships posted to the student’s tuition account will reduce the outstanding amounts on the due date(s).

Fall 2016 – Degree Programs:
Per Quarter – $5,500
Per Year – $22,000

Fall 2016 – Certificate Programs:
Per Quarter – $5,100
Per Year – $20,400

Miscellaneous Fees:

Application Fee – $100
Registration Fee – $250 (to be applied towards the 1st Quarter tuition)
Administrative Fee, per quarter – $100
Late Payment Fee, per quarter – $150
Foreign Student Visa Application Processing Fee – $100 (Student is responsible for the courier charges for the delivery of the I-20 documents to the student.)
Payment Plan Fee – 3% – 5%  (Fee is based on the payment type) All students requesting a payment plan will be required to sign a legally binding contract.
Transcripts – The first 2 transcripts in any given calendar year are free.  A $5 fee is charged for each additional copy.  Additional fees apply for rush and express service.
Non-Sufficient Funds (N.S.F.) Check Fee – $35
If your check is returned N.S.F., you will be required to pay this fee plus the amount of the N.S.F. check in the form of a cashier’s check or money order before your next class meets again.

None of the aforementioned costs include supplies.  Students will not be required to purchase any supplies directly from LAAFA.  Tuition will be increased annually each fall.

Methods of Payment:

LAAFA accepts cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.