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Oil Painting Classes In Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art offers several oil painting classes and workshops for those looking for top professional instruction.  Here are a few of the types of classes offered during the year at LAAFA:

Basic Painting Fundamentals – his class is designed as an introduction to the basic principles of painting. We will cover the most basic aspects of painting: from purely practical considerations to more advanced concepts of shape, values and edges. Using a simple, proven method, students will learn to simplify objects, represent them as two-dimensional shapes and arrange them to create the illusion of a three-dimensional object.. Topics will include the use and care of materials, brush handling, painting mixing, value organization and simplifying visual observations into manageable 2D shapes.

Beginning Head/Figure Painting – Building on the basic principles introduced in Basic Painting Fundamentals, this class will continue to explore the fundamental practices of painting from direct observation. Working from the live model, students will be challenged to refine their ability to simplify what they see and create paintings that feature strong structure, clear value organization and elegant simplification. There will be frequent instructor demonstrations, in addition to individual critiques to help each student achieve their goals and personalize the learning experience.

Alla Prima Figure Painting –  In this class, you will develop and hone your technical skills, and master the craft of making art, so when inspiration strikes, you’ll be ready. Learning to control values, keeping them simple, flat and minimal is vital, as well as dividing compositions to create a foundation for the detail to come. You will learn to create detail with transitional tones and how to work with shadows to create form and space.

Color and Light Theory – This class will introduce the student to the properties of color and how color is affected by light. Students will learn how to mix color to achieve desired hue, saturation, and value. Students will work with Color Wheel systems. Students will also study the mixing of “strings” of paint to understand how a color can transition through a value scale or from one chroma to another chroma.

Head & Figure Painting –  This class will focus on simple, yet extremely effective, methods and procedures to observe and render the human body in oil paint. Limited palettes will be explored and used in way to make “flesh tones” that are believable and yet easy to mix. Aspects of drawing such as shape and proportion, structure and anatomy, underlie every pictorial endeavor and as so will also be heavily discussed in their specific relation to painting.

Portrait Painting – This course will explore the various formal aspects of head painting. These include drawing,values, color, and edges. A special emphasis will be placed on drawing and placement. How values and their accurate grouping can help create a strong composition will also be explored. We will progress from tonal studies, to limited palette, to full palette painting depending on the students progress and interests.

Head and Torso Clothed Painting – In this class, students will learn the steps and techniques of painting the head and torso, and how to make your portrait more than a head study. Through multiple live demonstrations as well as one on one critiques, students will be taught the principles of proportion, form, color, and how to capture the character of the subject. Students will work in oil using a full color palette.

Head Painting – This class will explore painting techniques with a focus on critical observation from live models and how to translate visual information effectively to create a strong painting. This approach will concentrate on making key decisions about your subject and developing accurate, methodical habits that create finished artwork.

Image by:  Sean Cheetham