Over the last several years as an animation and entertainment professional, Mark McDonnell has become recognized as a highly respected designer in many facets of the industry. He began his career in toy and product design working for Applause and Global Consumer Products helping to create toys and product designs for Warner Brother's, Waterford Crystal, The Franklin Mint, Thomas Kincade, Goebel's Hummel collectables, Keebler, Fox and Disney to name a few. With an interest of stepping closer to the animation and entertainment industry, Mark left to become an Art Director at Technicolor Creative Services (TCS), a private branch that serviced many of the major industry studios. The primary client was The Walt Disney Company's many divisions but also grew to range in a wide variety of studios including Walt Disney Feature Animation, Disney Toon Studios, Walt Disney Television Animation, Pixar, Miramax, Fox, H.I.T. Entertainment, New Line, Mattel, Sony, Legendary Pictures, The Jim Henson Company, Big Idea Inc. and many more. After leaving TCS, Mark began his career in working in the Animation Industry by working on Tinkerbell and it’s upcoming sequel, North Of Neverland. Mark McDonnell’s work as a designer has touched a wide variety of skill sets while working in the Animation and Entertainment Industry. He has worked as a character designer, a layout/set designer, prop designer, look development designer and as an instructor. Mark has instructed at The Animation Academy, The Walt Disney Company and now at LAAFA.