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Spotlight Artist – Sean Cheetham

Sean Cheetham is our winter quarter spotlight artist! Sean has taught at LAAFA since the school started 10-years ago.  We are proud of all of his accomplishments throughout the years.  He has graced the pages of numerous articles in the art world.  He was recently featured in Bluecanvas Magazine, edition #13, and American Artist Magazine as one of their 25 Artists Of Tomorrow!  In addition, he exhibits his work at top galleries locally and nationally throughout the year.

Starting January 7th,  Sean will be teaching two 10-week Portraiture Painting classes during the day and evening in our extension program.

1.  What are your thoughts about being called one of the most acclaimed figurative painter’s today?

Of course being called one of the most acclaimed is extremely flattering, but who’s making these claims any way?

I see so much amazing work out there from up-and-coming students to successful professionals that it’s hard for me to agree sometimes.  I’m still learning and always will be.

2. One of your painting techniques is  “alla prima”.  What makes this fast paced way of painting appealing to you?

Two’s fast paced.  Git’r done.  And two, I feel more control working wet-into-wet.  That’s all mainly because that is how I was trained and that’s where I feel comfortable.  I’ve been working more lately with indirect techniques to expand my knowledge and bag o’ tricks.

 3.  You have had many students over the years.  Is there a common thread that you feel most students struggle with in their paintings?

You can’t paint if you can’t draw.  And value.

 4.  You have taught in LAAFA’s full-time and extension programs. What do you feel makes LAAFA a unique school to study fine art?

There is no lack of foundation courses like you might get at a university.  It’s called “foundation” for a reason.

5.  Do you have a favorite piece of artwork that you painted?

Gretchen and Roscoe 2005

 6.  In what other ways do you express your creativity?

Beer drinking.  Music. Cooking. Interpretive jazz dancing.

7.  Do you have any advice for artists trying to get established in galleries?

Figure out galleries you like…and bug them.

 8.  What has been your favorite experience as an artist?

I don’t have one.  I have too many to list.

 9.  Can you tell us what you like to do with your family on a day off?  

Interpretive jazz dancing.